Sammy in the Morning

A common question about Sammy, our parrot, is "How does she sleep?" The answer is simple to us, yet perplexing to everyone else: In her bed.

Sammy sleeps inside the fuzzy tube of happiness that hangs on a bulkhead from an old oil lamp gimbal. Her bed is strung up to it by a length of electrical wire which allows the bed the ability to swing around as the boat moves. This lets Sammy sleep well as the boat moves around her!

In the morning, when Sammy is ready to get out of bed and onto my shoulder, she will hang from the edge of her bed and chirp.

Chirping is a relative term, sometimes is a sweet little "cheep", other times it's an ear shattering shrill! Either way, she lets us know that she is awake and wants to be picked up. When she hangs form her bed like that, all you have to do is walk by and she will latch onto your shirt and let go of her bed. It is a quick switch that occurs every morning as I walk from the bed to the galley for breakfast.