Morty is Out!

Morty went with us to visit Maddie's cousins that were in town. Maddie's cousins are really young so they played with Morty and Morty played with them all day long! 

The kids would run and Morty would chase them, then they would throw his toys for him to fetch. After the kids got tired, they moved inside to play ping pong, and Morty designated himself as the designated ball boy. Any ping pong ball that fell off the table was appropriately and promptly tracked down and captured. Morty would then march back over to the kids with an air of greatness and a ping pong ball in his mouth. 

This continued late into the night, and when we loaded Morty into the car, he checked out! The little corgi that was running all around, all day long, was now sleeping with his head on the arm rest. 

When we arrive at the marina, Morty usually perks up. When I unbuckle my seat belt, Morty jumps around his seat and is ready to run around the parking lot as I make my way to the pier, only to join me as I begin my march down the dock. This time, Morty slept as we entered the parking lot, and flinched his ear when I unbuckled my seat belt. There was no excitement, no jumping, no energy at all. Morty was tuckered out and ready to continue sleeping as soon as we got into the boat. 

As I got out of the car, Morty looked at me with eyes that urged me to carry him to the boat. I denied his offer and he walked slowly and directly to the pier. There was no energy wasted on smelling tires or blocks of wood where all the dogs leave their mark. Morty was on a mission to reach the boat as soon as possible to continue his much needed slumber.