Keeping Fasteners on a Boat

They say cruising is fixing your yacht in remote locations!

In order to fix your yacht, you need to carry parts for the repairs. Parts need to be fastened, so you need to carry an assortment of fasteners on board. Cruising boats will heel and pitch as they move through a seaway, and your fasteners will do the same inside their containers. If you don't keep them individually organized, you may end up with a jumbled mess of fasteners that are so scrambled that you will never be able to find the right fastener for the job!

If you buy fasteners in bulk, they come in nifty plastic containers that are well labeled and stack neatly. This keeps them all organized and separated in their own container, ready to be used when needed. The only problem is these containers do not offer any way of resealing them after they have been opened. As always, there is a trick to it!

Keeping the plastic label intact, the package will stay sealed, but you can still lift the lid a bit and bow the bottom out just a smidge to pour out a number of screws. Any screws you don't use in your project can be easily returned to the package in the same manner.

Now you can keep your fasteners organized and stored on your boat for when you need to do some random project with no access to a hardware store!