Current Projects

As you may know, I have a few projects running at the moment. Some are minor projects around the boat, others are major undertakings that consume all my spare time! 

The major projects are building the dinghy and building the tiny house. The minor projects are all the other boat preparations that need to be finished before we cast off the dock lines and head offshore. 

I know that some of you guys are more interested in certain aspects of the blog. Some readers are more focused on rigging and knots, others like the woodworking projects, and then others are in love with tiny houses. 

In an attempt to not bore any of you guys, I will be posting about the different topics alternating one each day. This way, if there is a topic that you are not particularly fond of, something more interesting to you will be posted tomorrow. 

As you may have noticed, I have trouble with "middle ground", and I work at the extremes. In my mind, the options are to segment the topics or power through each topic to completion. If we power through each topic, this blog would turn into a "boat building" blog for a while, then turn over to a "tiny house" blog for a while, followed by a "boat outfitting" blog. 

I feel that staggering the topics will keep everyone entertained as we work our way through the different projects. 

One thing is for certain though, next year we are casting off and the blog will be focusing more on the places we visit under sail and tips & tricks to make sailing easier. I really think that people motor their sailboats everywhere because they think that sailing is a lot of work. Hopefully, these tips and tricks will make sailing be less work and allow you to outfit and tweak your yacht yourself, saving you time and making sailing much easier for you.

For now, the topics will be staggered through the winter until these projects are finished up and ready for use. If you have any suggestions for how to order the post, let me know in the comments section down below!