Siding is Magical!

As you build, the tiny house will take on various appearances. When the wall frames are raised, the tiny house looks amazing. It just transformed from a flat trailer to a stick figure outline of the house!

Then the sheathing goes on and the house looks smaller all of a sudden. You can no longer see into the house and all of the internal components. Now it just looks like a small box on wheels.

Then the roof goes on and the windows are cut out, and it begins to look like a tiny wooden house on a set of wheels. At this point, the neighbors of the property you are building on will come over to see what you are making and tell you how awesome it looks! It seems that everyone has seen a tiny house show and they have enjoyed watching you build so far.

Then the wrapping goes on the house, and everything changes. Your cute wooden tiny house now looks like a black smudge in the yard. Neighbors will no longer ask to see the progress, but instead ask where the tiny house will be stored after it is completed. 

The black tar paper will begin to fade in the sun and make the whole tiny house look like crap. I got married after this step and was not around for almost a month and the tar paper faded while the tarp on the roof began to tear. 

Once I returned to construction, I cut the tar paper over the window holes and set the windows into the frames. At this point, the neighbors approval of the project returned slightly, but they were still not thrilled. Then the magic of siding was realized.

All of a sudden, the tiny house looks magical once more! It only took a few hours of work to transform the tiny house from a fading collection of tar paper to a gorgeous tiny house. 

The siding I am putting on is coated in primer, which gives it the gray appearance. Even though this is not a very pleasing color, I received many positive comments on the choice of color for the siding because it was such a great improvement over the aging tar paper.