Sleepy Dog

We are often asked what Morty does while we are away from the boat. The truth is, we don't actually know, but we assume it is something along the lines of what he does when we are there: Relax.

Morty is a connoisseur of the comfiest and coziest places on the boat, as he can typically be found curled up or stretched out in the greatest of comfort. 

He sleeps in the bed while we are away, and he sleeps in the bed while we are still there. In the morning, he will typically curl up next to you and rest his head on a pillow and smile as he basks in the comforts of boat life!

While he may seem like a lazy dog (which is true), he does enjoy his runs in the local parks where he can stretch his legs and scoot around for a bit.

He runs around for a while, and then gets tuckered out. We know he is ready to go back to the boat when he walks up to us and looks us in the eye. When we tell him "Ok, let's go home" he then resumes walking.

Once we get back to the boat, he resumes his regular relaxation in comfort.