The trim plan is simple. I will install a 3 inch board between the siding and the ends, filling in the gap that is present around the siding, followed by a 5 inch board that will overlap the siding a bit and hide any voids and irregular cuts that are present.

The original plan was to use PVC trim boards since they are plastic and will never rot. This plan quickly changed when I went shopping and found that PVC trim boards cost around $11 for the 3 inch piece and $16 for the 5 inch piece. This means that the trim boards are more expensive than the actual siding!

I continued looking around the store and found that wood trim is much more reasonable. The 3 inch boards only cost $7 and the 5 inch boards cost $8. Still pricey, but no where near the price point of plastic!

Wood trim will give us the look we desire at a fraction of the price! Should the wood trim rot out and need to be replaced, the work involved is not that dramatic and can easily be done in a few days.