Cutting Cherry Tomatoes

Cooking on a sailboat has its added challenges. Food rolls around as your work place is not still because you are in a boat and (unless you are in a calm harbor) you are rolling with the waves. In situations like this, any help is appreciated!

If you need to cut tiny cherry tomatoes in half, any trick that saves time and effort is always welcome in a boat galley! 

Simply set the tomatoes on a small plate, then put another identically sized plate over the tomatoes. Now the tomatoes are held in place and there is a gap down the middle.

Slice through this gap with a large knife (taking care not to cut your hand) and all your tomatoes will be cut in one motion!

I recommend doing this over the sink so that any tomato juice that comes out doesn't make a mess. This trick can make the chore of cutting cherry tomatoes into a quick step in the cooking process.