Islander 36 Conversion: Installing the Synthetic Standing Rigging

The synthetic standing rigging is completely fabricated and ready for installation!

To save on labor, the owner is doing the installation himself and I am simply tensioning the stays once they are in place. This sailboat is a double spreader rig, so the conversion is rather straight forward.

We decided to start on the starboard side of the rig. The first trip is up to the first spreader to remove the old lower stays and connect the new ones, then out to the lower spreader tip to remove the seizing. After that, a short trip up to the second spreader to remove the seizing from the tip as well. This is all performed with the mast properly stayed on the port side with the jib halyard tied to a starboard chainplate. 

The process will proceed as quickly as the owner can work, as he gets them connected at the top of the mast, I can go tying them to their respective deadeyes.