Adding Frames for the Seat

The rowing station will be set between the third and fourth stations, but this span is a bit far to reach with the bench. To alleviate the situation, an extra frame is added.

The extra frames were cut to taper similar to the original frames, but they have no floor to attach to. Instead, the floors are merely notched over the chine logs.

The bottoms of the frames were notched and set over the chine log to keep them from pulling out as the sheer and shelf were riveted to the tops of the new frames.


Cleats were screwed and glued onto the frames in the third station and the new frames. These cleats will bear the weight of the seat which rests on them. The seat was then screwed into the cleats, not to hold it to the cleats, but more so to keep the seat from sliding back and forth. Another cleat was set above the seat and screwed to the frames which will keep the seat from lifting up. The seat and its top cleat were not glued in allowing me to remove them if I need to later during the construction process.