The Furminator!

Morty sheds a ton! This creates problems that range from inconvenience to dangerous while on a sailboat. It is inconvenient that everything is covered with dog hair, but we love him so we accept it. The danger is comes in with his hair clogging the bilge pumps that would need to pump water out of the boat in an emergency.

Chrissy mentioned that we should give "The Furminator" a try to help reduce the amount of dog hair Morty sheds. We decided to give it a try because and picked one up.

The general theory behind the Furminator's claim of 90% reduction in shedding comes from the fact that any and all loose hair will come off the dog and into a trash bag at one time, rather than being dispersed throughout the boat all the time. I was concerned that pulling any and every loose hair out of him might be uncomfortable, but all doubt was put to rest on the first brush stroke: He liked it!

The Furminator removed massive amounts of hair on each stroke. Our plan was to brush him until no more hair came off, but that never happened. We brushed the same left hip for 10 minutes and kept pulling out equal amounts of hair. It was late so we decided to brush the rest of him and moved on from the hip.

He really enjoyed each brush stroke, I guess it feels like an epic back scratch! 

At the end of our incomplete brushing session we had removed a bag full of hair! We even used the brush on the settee cushions and were amazed at the amount of hair it removed there! 

Thanks Chrissy for the recommendation! I hope it will greatly reduce the amount of "Mini Mortys" we find inside the boat.