Winter Commisioning of the Diesel Heater

When the water cools down and the reverse cycle needs to be shut off, it's time to fire up the diesel burner! But wait, it's been off for the past 10 months. There are some steps to getting it back to operational standards.

First step is to put fuel into the day tank. I like to fill it up for a few minutes until it feels much heavier.

Pressurize the tank using a bicycle pump. This will force the fuel through the fuel line, bleeding out any air bubbles that may have developed over the past 10 months.

Then disconnect the fuel feed to the carburetor on the heater. I like to remove the top of the carburetor that way I'm certain the fuel line is bled all the way to the float switch. 

Open the fuel valve near the heater and drain the fuel into an appropriate container. Be careful because it can splash around when a large air bubble pass.

While the fuel is flowing fast and steady with no signs of air bubbles, close the fuel valve quickly.

Remove the bike pump from the day tank vent and allow the pressure to escape the day tank.

Blast some air into the bottom of the carburetor to clear out any debris that may have collected in the fuel line over the past 10 months.

Reconnect the fuel line to the carburetor.

Clean off any excess fuel that may have spilled onto the unit. You don't want to get diesel on anything in the boat, it's hard to clean up.

Let some fuel flow into the burner and light some paper to start the fire. 

It will flash flame, but then it will settle down to normal and be ready to burn safely and consistently for the next few months.