Summer Cruise Day 8

Today was a very special day! Today is the day I proposed to Maddie!

We raised anchor and set sail in very light airs, ghosting along on our Southbound heading. We ended up about 6 miles off of Tangier Island when we dropped the hook on a little mound in the bay. It was only 14 feet deep in an expanse over 20 feet

We were relaxing on the deck, snuggling up while staring off into the horizon at the little of Tangier Island we could see, when I ruined the moment by telling Maddie I needed to fix a line that had come loose. 

I made that up because I needed an excuse to go below deck to grab her ring! I had planned to propose to her on the trip when certain criteria had been met: A calm day of sailing, A calm afternoon with no big waves, Never be stuck windless, Be out in the Atlantic.

3 of the 4 criteria had been met, and I thought to myself: We might not have a day like that again on this trip!

I went below, grabbed the ring, came back up and got down on one knee and asked her to marry me! It was such a magical moment!

I keep getting asked what I would have done if she had said no? It would certainly have made the rest of the trip very awkward!

We were happily engaged with no way of telling anyone because there is no phone signal that far out in the bay. Maybe I should have thought that one through a bit more...

That night we slept well as the waters were calm as glass and the only suggestion of civilization was the faint glow over the horizon from city lights. Once again, the night sky was amazing!