Summer Cruise Day 6

Last night it rained a significant amount, and Tooth got filled with a lot of water! 

It was a cloudy day, the sun never came out and the air was cool; chilling you to the bone as you stood watch trying to stay warm. I began my day by pumping out Tooth, raising 180' of chain, and raising all three sails. It was a slow start at first, but then the winds came!

We covered even more ground than yesterday and with even better speed! This certainly helped boost morale on board, which was needed after the sleepless night Maddie had (I slept like a rock, as always).

We dropped anchor in the middle of the bay again, and I mean the middle! It was completely dark out there and the stars were amazing! We set up berths in the cockpit to sleep under the canopy of stars, which seemed romantic, but we couldn't fall asleep and then moved inside to our bed.

Once again, the tides and winds were opposite and we slept the night with the waves smacking the stern.