Summer Cruise Day 4

Today we set off in the early morning and set sail heading South!

We untied from my dads boat and left Harness Creek. The winds were light that morning, but we were able to keep moving forward, at first...

Shortly after we left South River, the winds died and we began drifting South with the ebbing tide. When the tide began to flood, we dropped anchor to keep from drifting North up the bay. At the following slack tide, we decided that we wanted to make some more headway South, so I hopped into Tooth (our trusty dinghy) and began towing our 45 foot Morgan. 

This was anything but a fast tow, as I was only able to maintain a speed of 0.5 to 0.8kn, but we were moving in the right direction for a change. 

The comical part came when a passing cigarette boat witnessed the spectacle and came over to me asking if I needed help, thinking I had run aground. The look of bewilderment that overcame their faces was priceless as the conversation unfolded:

"Are you OK?" --- power boat

"Yes, there was no wind so I decided to tow it" --- me

"What?! Where are you heading?" --- power boat

"North Carolina" --- me

After I assured them we were OK, they went on, probably convinced that the stereotype about sail boaters is completely founded.

After around an hour of towing, the winds gently began to blow again and I returned to Wisdom to resume our usual method of voyaging under sail.